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June 2024
Chrissie Shaheen Forsman
Founder & Director of Mission Partner, The Tent, Israel

Please click here to download a 30 Day Prayer Guide for Israel. 

Dear DFUMC Partners!

Wow! What a blessing you have been to us throughout the 25 years of ministry together in Israel and the West Bank! You have made a huge impact in advancing the kingdom of God in a nation that God calls His very own! Scripture tells us that Jerusalem is the City of the Great King, that His Name rests there forever and that Jesus will return to the Mount of Olives in His second coming! He has a plan for this nation from the moment He chose Abraham and throughout the generations.

Today, our beloved Israel is at war and her people are grieving over it every day. Arab and Jewish Believers are grieving over the horrific attack and loss of thousands of Arab and Jewish lives. In March, the Lord called a team of 6 to bring hope and encouragement to our brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the land! It was the most amazing trip, seeing Jesus work every step of the way! I wish I could share every story with you in this letter but would love to see you and share more. But just a highlight or two might suffice for this blog.

As you know, we work with Arab and Jew reconciliation. Our group of Arab and Jewish sisters in Christ have loved each other for many years and truly consider each other as family. This war put their relationship to the test and although many other groups fell apart, ours did not. In fact, we love one another even more and have a greater respect for each other's situation. While in Jerusalem this March, we met for the first time since the war began. Hearts were heavy and yet at the same time delighted to see one another. As we began our time together to discuss some of the divisive issues of the current situation, we ALL agreed that first and foremost, we are sisters in Christ, we love each other and we will work through this together! Isn’t that what Jesus wants from all the body of Christ? We need to begin seeing each other as Jesus sees us and work through our differences and focus on what unites us rather than what divides. This group of ladies are seasoned Believers in Jesus many of whom were some of the first Jews who accepted Jesus as their Messiah! They have paved the way for 1000’s of Arab and Jewish Believers to work together in sharing the Gospel of Jesus because we believe, “The world will know Him by the love we have for one another.”

My second story highlights the tremendous financial need throughout the nation. Tourism is a very important economic factor to the country and now with very few tours coming, they are barely surviving. Shops, restaurants, hotels, tour guides, bus drivers all have no work and have depleted their emergency funds that only had 1 year to rebuild after being closed for COVID . On top of this, many workers who live in the West Bank work in Israel to support their families. Since the war started, they have lost their jobs with most likely never able to return again. Families are hungry both physically and spiritually. Our team visited families in need throughout the country bringing food, prayer and hope in Jesus! The responses are tremendous, in fact one of our ministry partners said they are receiving messages from strangers thanking them for bringing the Americans to help them. Our outreach ministry has exploded with opportunities to bring Jesus into their lives while supplying  food, paying rent and electric bills to those in such dire need.

DFUMC, YOU are the hands and feet of Jesus!!! Thank you for your financial and prayer support, the ripple effects are eternal where 1000’s hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ!


Chrissie Shaheen Forsman

The Tent, Israel

Click here to download a 30 Day Prayer Guide for Israel, written by Chrissie Shaheen Forsman from The Tent, Israel.

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