30 Days of Prayer for Israel: West Bank
Written by Chrissie Shaheen Forsman from The Tent, Israel 

Day 1: 

Pray God would remove all obstacles for Arabs and Jews to hear and  receive the Good News of Jesus.  

Day 2: 

Pray that true believers both Arabs and Jews will faithfully represent Jesus  by showing genuine love to both people groups and that doors will open  to sharing the Gospel.  

Day 3: 

Pray that Arabs and Jews will recognize God’s love for them and their  deep need for Him to cleanse them and give them a new heart.  

Day 4: 

Pray God will fill believers in Israel and the West Bank with wisdom,  sensitivity and patience to share the Gospel with Jews and Muslims and  answer objections with grace, clearly presenting Jesus to them.  

Day 5: 

Pray Jews and Muslims will read the New Testament and see that it isn’t a  book that contradicts the Old Testament, but instead is the continuation of  the beautiful history of God’s redemption of mankind through Jesus. 

Day 6: 

Pray that the Jewish people will see Jesus came as a Jewish man to His  own people, lived according to Hebrew Scriptures, celebrated Biblical  Feasts of the Lord and fulfilled Messianic prophecies. 

Day 7: 

Pray Arab and Jewish Believers in Jesus will be grounded in God’s Word,  filled with His Spirit, walking in His holiness, not conforming to the pattens  of this world, not led astray by false teachings and fulfilling their destiny in  Jesus.  

Day 8: 

Pray that pastors and ministry leaders will be filled with God’s Spirit,  wisdom, direction and strength, and will set an example of Jesus to the  rest of the Body of Christ. 

Day 9: 

Pray for strong marriages and families growing together in the Lord, true  intergenerational and intercultural unity, and for the young generation to be  pure, protected from the evil one, and bearing much fruit.  

Day 10: 

Pray for supernatural humility, unity, and love among Arab and Jewish  Believers in Jesus; for stronger relationships and partnership together for  the sake of the Gospel. 

Day 11: 

Pray that Orthodox Jews would read the Word of God and that righteous  works cannot save them, only the saving grace of Jesus.  

Day 12: 

Pray that Orthodox Jewish religious leaders themselves would find the  truth and surrender their lives to Jesus, like Saul of Tarsus.  

Day 13: 

Pray that Orthodox Jews would not be satisfied with mere religion, but  would thirst for a real relationship with the living God and find it through  His Son. 

Day 14: 

Pray that secular Jews will know that God hasn’t forsaken them in spite of  the Holocaust and this war, but that He has been faithful to His covenant,  He’s preserved a remnant, and brought them back to their land so that  they will meet with Him.  

Day 15: 

Pray that Jewish believers in Jesus will be able to show an example of  abundant life in God as opposed to the dryness of Orthodox Judaism, so  that secular Israelis will see the beauty and love of God as expressed in  Jesus.  

Day 16: 

Pray that there will be a deep and widespread repentance for the rampant  practices of abortion, homosexuality, drugs, etc., and that they'll choose  the path of life and righteousness in Jesus.  

Day 17: 

Pray that the Prince of Peace will bring healing and wholeness to all roots  of rejection and bitterness originating from the “family feud” in Genesis,  and that Arabs, both Christian and Muslim, will experience the love and  peace of God in Jesus.  

Day 18: 

Pray that the Muslim Arabs will be delivered from the snare of Islam, and  have a revelation of Jesus as the Son of God and risen Savior.  

Day 19: 

Pray that the nominal Christian Arabs will experience a true awakening,  realizing that a mere cultural connection to Jesus or intellectual assent that  He is Messiah won’t save them - that they'll truly surrender their lives to  Him. 

Day 20: 

Pray that God will fill the Arabs who are true believers in Jesus with His  Spirit, love, and power, and they'll arise to fulfill their calling to provoke  Jewish people to jealousy and spread the Gospel to both Jews and Arabs. 

Day 21: 

Pray that the Lord will give grace and understanding to respond and follow  up with the tens of thousands of seekers on social media, and to help all  those who do come to faith to connect with local congregations and grow  in their faith.  

Day 22:  

Pray that the thousands of Arab and Jewish believers who are currently  disconnected from fellowship will desire to connect with the Body of  Christ, become solid disciples, and be a part of building God’s Kingdom.  

Day 23: 

Pray that God will miraculously protect His covenant people Israel from  attacks from enemy nations and terrorist groups, and pull down  strongholds of Islam and bring salvation to many in Israel and the Middle  East. 

Day 24: 

Pray that God will work through whatever trials and crises He does allow  to cause Israel to seek a refuge greater than themselves, the government,  and the military – that they will seek God Himself, and find Him through  Jesus.  

Day 25: 

Pray that Jewish and Arab believers will set an example of true unity, that  is possible only in Jesus, leading to opportunities to testify of Jesus’ work  and share the Good News. 

Day 26:  

Pray for Shalom - not only absence of war, but true peace and wholeness  between all the different sectors of Arab and Jewish society that are often  raging against one another, so that God can fulfill His purposes for the  whole nation and world.  

Day 27: 

Pray for anointing, boldness, and love for all current and future Believers  who arelaborers in the harvest in Israel and the West Bank, and that they  would proclaim the Gospel not only in word but also in the demonstration  of the power of the Spirit.  

Day 28: 

Pray for supernatural protection for the laborers in the harvest field and  their families from every physical, emotional, or spiritual attack.  

Day 29:  

Pray that Arab and Jewish believers and all of us from around the world  will partner together to bring the Gospel of the Kingdom to every tribe,  tongue, and nation, including unreached people groups, leading to the  return of Jesus.  

Day 30:  

Pray that Israel as a nation would follow Jesus and walk in His ways,  giving Him glory and honor and being a testimony to the nations.

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